The Aim of Our Charge

The shadows are fading when it comes to entering the debate on homosexuality. You are being forced to take a stance. What does it mean to think Christianly on the issues and how is it ultimately loving? Read the post by Tyler Velin. … More The Aim of Our Charge

A Lovely Apologetic

Apologetics is a system of study which teaches you to build a defense of something. Its Greek word (apologia) literally means “to speak in defense of.” We are all natural apologists. Someone asks you why you like Coke and not Pepsi, and you naturally begin to form an argument in defense of your position. Theologically speaking, … More A Lovely Apologetic

Am I an Evangelist?

I’ve heard it said before: “He just has the gift of evangelism.” And it’s famous counterpart: “God just didn’t give me the gift of evangelism.” On one hand I could probably agree with the unknown speaker of these hypothetical situations if I were to know the non-existent subjects of whom they spoke…but on the other … More Am I an Evangelist?