The Unborn Can’t Write, But You Can

The unborn can’t Tweet, post, like, or write their government officials. But you can.

If you have at least some sort of moral dilemma about funding Planned Parenthood’s profiteering on aborted infants, then you should do a few things.

1. You should continue to write, post, and Tweet well written and credible accounts of the debate. Until the national media picks up the story it is up to those who are moved by it to keep it in the forefront. A few essential reads on the subject can be found here, here and here (regarding the legal issues).  Don’t neglect the power of Social Media. Egypt got a new government from Twitter, we can hopefully protect life through it too. Use the hashtag #DefundPP.

2. Write a government official or sign a petition. You can sign a petition and affirm a statement against the federal funding of Planned Parenthood here. It’s quick and easy and you should do it. But you also should consider directly writing or calling your senators and your representatives. Feel free to copy the statement from the petition website, or write your own (mine is copied below), but remember to be respectful (Rom. 13:1-7, 1 Peter 2:15-17). One of the reasons America has trended left lately is that leftists understand the importance of content (#1) but also understand the importance of action (#2). So do something. Here are two sites which help you find the info for your senators and your representatives.

3. Pray. It is not only the religious who should be moved by the sickening nature of this information, but those who are Christians should pray often. Set an alarm. Write it on your hand. Pray that we would be winsome in protecting life because the gospel compels us to. Pray that hearts and minds would be changed.

Here is a copy of the letter I just sent to my government officials: 

Dear _______________,

I, like many people, have just been made aware of the profiteering of Planned Parenthood in regards to the corpses of aborted infants. As a represented constituent I would like to make my voice heard. I will not stand for Planned Parenthood to be funded by the taxpayer dollar. Not as an American. Not as a Christian. Not as a human.

I believe this move needs to be made for two reasons. First, this has drawn to the forefront the moral gray ground of abortion. As both internet videos have shown, it is body parts which are up for sale. While the word “tissue” is used, it is not without anatomical qualifiers. If these clumps of cells are to have limbs and organs, are they not people deserving of rights? 18 US Code 1531 defines partial birth abortion as, “the entire fetal head is outside of the body of the mother, or, in case of breech…any part of the fetal trunk.” If the head, or the trunk of the infant being outside the womb qualifies its right to life why wouldn’t the whole body inside the womb bear the same protection? A recent statistic shows that since Roe vs. Wade we have aborted, what would be, 25% of our population. So long as Planned Parenthood receives government funding America will never be the land of the free, merely the land of the already born.

Secondly the profiteering exposed in the videos is a thin line from explicit human trafficking. H.R.898 (Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2013) says that the “President may give priority to…persons who lack access to legal representation and are otherwise marginalized.” Dear Senator, where are those rights? As with the standard process for organ donations there should be no compensation for the consent of such parts, they are to be donated. I find it a moral contradiction for Planned Parenthood to use my tax money to fund something which I find morally wrong, and then turn and sell the corpse, which I wish to protect, for profit. In the unfortunate, but all too common, occurrence of abortions, the tissue should not be flaunted for the highest bid.

I want to emphasize I am not wishing here to make a stance against the legality of abortion, that is a discussion for another day. I am merely saying that my liberty, as defined by the constitution, is infringed upon through my tax monies funding such blatant atrocities.

Sincerely, Tyler Velin