A Believer’s Daily Prayer

a believers prayerA few years ago I bought the Valley of Vision; a collection of puritan prayers and devotions. The book has become a cool supplement to my prayer life, and my wife and I read a prayer from it at the end of our devotions every Monday. This week’s prayer struck me in a wonderful sort of way. 

The prayer is actually titled: “A Convert’s First Prayer,” but after reading it, it is a prayer that I want to pray over myself everyday. So I have re-named the prayer, and updated some of the language in order to share it with you. May it lead your heart to yearn for Christ as it did mine. 

I could never have sought my happiness in your love,

unless you had first loved me. 

Your Spirit has encouraged me by grace to seek you, 

has made known to me my reconciliation in Jesus, 

has taught me to believe it,

has helped me to take you for my God and my portion.

May he grant me to grow in the knowledge

and experience of your love,

and walk in it all the way to glory.

Blessed forever be your fatherly affection,

which chose me to be one of your children by faith in Jesus:

I thank you for giving me the desire to live as such.

In Jesus, my brother, I have my new birth, 

every restraining power,

every renewing grace.

It is by your Spirit I call you “Father,”

believe in you, and love you;

Strengthen me inwardly for every purpose of my Christian life;

Let the Spirit continually reveal to me my interest in Christ,

and open to me the riches of your love in him;

May he abide in me that I may know my union with Jesus,

and enter into constant fellowship with him;

By your Spirit may I daily live to you, 

rejoice in your love,

find it the same to me as to your Son, 

and become rooted and grounded in it

as a house on a rock; 

I know but little–

increase my knowledge of your love in Jesus,

keep me pressing forward for clearer discoveries of it,

so that I may find its eternal fullness;

Magnify your love to me according to its greatness, 

and not according to my deserts or prayers,

and whatever increase you give me,

let it draw out greater love for you.

A Converts First Prayer | Valley of Vision, pg 94-95