Summer Reading Under 150 Pages


Memorial Day is gone, the first day of summer is past, July 4th has faded…summer is rounding the corner into. Has your summer reading been derailed by, well, life in general? Take heart! Here are five of my favorite books which weigh in at less than 150 pages; perfect for weekend getaways, pool-side sessions, or parking it at the park. All of which conveniently are on Kindle as well.  

The Sunset Limited: A Novel in Dramatic Form by Cormac McCarthy

The past few years of my life has experienced a drought of fiction literature. Between sermon prep, research papers and classes my reading list is pretty much dictated to me. The brevity of this book made it an attractive launch pad into the writings of Cormac McCarthy (Whose popular books like No Country for Old Men, and The Road, have been turned into movies). This book is quick read as it is written in play write form. It has two characters in the whole book, Mr. Black and Mr. White (who were played by Samuel L. Jackson and Tommy Lee Jones in the HBO movie based on the book), and the novel is a running dialogue in Black’s living room. Trust me, it’s still interesting. If you click the Amazon link for this book, you will see it is 160 pages, but my edition is under 150 so still checks out. There are a couple spots with language, but for the most part the book is actually a great book for Christians to wrestle with. 

Reading Level: Easy

Practicing Affirmation by Sam Crabtree

This was one of those prescribed reading projects that was handed to me in my first year of seminary. Coming from a background in sports and a high level of respect for hard-nosed, no-nonsense coaches of folklore, affirmation always seemed like something for those who were weak. This was my presupposition when I picked up this book, and it couldn’t have been destroyed more thoroughly by Crabtree. Not only were my presuppositions biased and foolish, they were un-Biblical. This book has impacted the way I parent and husband more than most books three times its length. It’s not a rah-rah, slap some butts and hand out some “good-game” book, but it is a book which gets at the heart of scripture and draws us to a right view of affirmation. The biggest surprise this book gave me is how it contributes to evangelism in the public square. Read it to find out why. (and again, the Amazon page count is off, but when you take away the publishing material, it clocks in at 150 pages exactly).

Reading Level: Easy

The Gospel: How the Church Portrays the Beauty of Christ by Ray Ortlund

This is the most recent book I’ve read, and currently all of my Grizzly Christian Fellowship interns are going through it as well. There are lots of books out about the gospel, and lots of good books out about the church, but Ortlund beautifully marries the two in this book. It is a great book for a new Christian, as well as for the established saint. If you are looking for some bonus books under 150 pages, check out the rest of the IV Mark series.

Reading Level: Easy

Thoughts For Young Men by J.C. Ryle

I’m pretty sure this book has been an every reading list I’ve ever made. It’s short, simple, and dripping with truth. I love it so much so that I will say nothing more about it except that you should read it. Ladies, it’s a pretty good read for you as well, specifically if you are dating a man, married to one, or raising some.

Reading Level: Medium to Moderate (he writes in an old English manner, but his thoughts are very easy to follow)

Reformation: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow by Carl Trueman

This little book is pretty amazing at what it does. Trueman dives into some of the history of what we call “The Reformation” (which is referring to the 16th century Protestant split from the Catholic Church), which is no simple task. But more importantly than that, Trueman pulls out theory and theology, practice and procedure which are practice and relevant for our world view today. As one who is much aligned with “Reformed Theology” this book reformed my thinking in certain areas, and called me to think deeply on many things.

Reading Level: Medium to Moderate