Worship Opening at Sovereign Hope

14_05 Worship OpeningWe at Sovereign Hope are accepting applications for a new worship pastor in Missoula, Montana. If you know of anyone who may be interested feel free to point them to our listing on the Gospel Coalition Job Board. All the details needed for the application process are listed there.

What We Are Looking For

We want to shepherd and care for our members and our body in Missoula, but we also want to be training center where we can send out pastors, counselors, worship leaders, missionaries, and lay leaders to benefit the global body of Christ. That being said we want worship leaders who are passionate about the gospel manifesting itself through the local church. We want rich and Biblical worship which promotes gospel-appropriate responses. We want someone who will lead musicians and leaders, while equipping them with a sustainable philosophy of worship which will be carried beyond Sovereign Hope.

We also want someone who will undergird all of this with a pastoral heart. A worship pastor is a teaching pastor, and he should be able to lead and care for those in his direct ministry, as well as any other pastoral duties which may be needed.