Victory Lap Links: May 4th-May 10th


Twitter is not dead. Nor is it going to die soon. Facebook may be great for posting pictures of your Aunt’s cute cat, but when you step back and look at some of the more recent political and social movements; twitter lies at the center.

Finally we have scientists and math mathematicians doing work which really matters: how to win at Rock Paper Scissors.

If you are into writing at all, or if you still have many college papers ahead of you, give this a read.

Justin Taylor gathered some stories from acclaimed sports writers which give you a glimpse into the world of great writing. It doesn’t give you the method, but it provides a picture of the result.

The Washington Redskins have issued an official “Cease and Desist” to former player LaVar Arrington…they are legally attempting to stop him from referring to himself as a “Redskin Great.” The action itself is funny, but Arrington’s Twitter responses are even better.

This week’s Tweet Of The Week goes to a candid glimpse into John Piper’s conversations:

Also if you think you’re hipster because you have a record player…you’re not…unless you drop those indie records and play some sweet birch wood on that thing….:

YEARS from Bartholomäus Traubeck on Vimeo.