Victory Lap Links: April 27th-May 3rd

VictorylapGENERALThis addition of VLL includes plenty of videos, so rest easy attention spans: this one goes out to you.

First things first, the NBA ousted an owner this week for racist comments. Is it O.K. to celebrate this ousting and oppose the recent Brandon Eich ousting? Here’s a great answer from Denny Burke.

This week’s Tweet of the week goes to Joe West and his keen observational skills:

This is what happens when you take selfie pictures with Montana squirrels, be warned. (For the record this is the second week in a row VLL has featured the word “selfie,” which proves this blog is going nowhere fast)

Video #1: Emma Stone lays down one of the sickest lip-syncs ever courtesy of Jimmy Fallon.

Video #2 is the must watch of this post. You’ve heard of Christian Mingle, well meet Christian Tingle. You’re welcome: