Victory Lap Links: April 6th-12th


Your internet, my links, our joy. A basket of digital nuggets from this past week:

      • A huge part of American Evangelicalism, and its liberal counter-part, find the Fundamentalist Movement of the 20th century as a tipping point. In the scope of American church history, we still haven’t fully grasped the responses, reactions and reformation (from both sides) that this movement brought. Even if you are a church history novice, Justin Taylor has complied “10 Key Events: Fundamentalism and Evangelicalism in 20th Century America,” which is definitely worth a read.
      • Speaking of movements, Together For the Gospel (T4G) took place this week in Louisville. This conference is also a huge shaping force in the New Reformed movement (see last week’s VLL), featuring sermons by David Platt, John Piper, Matt Chandler, Mark Dever…mainly anyone whose anyone. All of those keynote talks are now available to watch here.
      • This week’s Tweet of the Week (TOTW) broke on to the scene not in typical humor, but through an observation that still has me challenged and grateful. Here is Tony Reinke on John Piper’s delivery:
    • Here is another really cool info-graphic which shows you social metrics if the world was only populated by a 100 people. Really puts some stuff into perspective.
    • Being a relatively new father means I’m re-learning all the children’s TV programs. Here is a great spoof video of what it would look like if Dora the Explorer were a blockbuster action movie.