Victory Lap Links: March 30-April 5th



Thank you Al Gore! Here is your weekly hot-lap around the internet:

  • Daniel Darling wrote a great blog post for CNN pointing out the fact that Evangelical Christianity is not dead, nor is it being threatened by the left-leaning, mostly-perceived “gospel of nice” younger demographics. This quote was gold:

Progressive hand-wringers are missing the point, in my view. If history teaches us anything, it is that what dies is malleable, un-rooted faith and not 2,000 years of Christian orthodoxy. -Dan Darling

  • The PBS Religion and Ethics Newsweekly just did a great video piece trying to grasp the phenomenon now known as “The New Calvinism.” A few years ago Time Magazine listed it as one of the influential shaping forces in America today. It is something you should be aware if you are not already. But most importantly it should be something we are grateful for.
  • This week’s TOTW (Tweet of the Week) comes from Matt Roller:
  • Want to know why you aren’t writing the next greatest symphony or novel? Maybe you should check and see how some of history’s greatest minds used their time. Here is a nice little infographic giving us those details. (Note: My goal is to beat Honore de Balzac’s coffee consumption)
  • A picture never lies…unless it’s not the full picture. Here are 22 iconic landscapes shot from a distance so you can see what surrounds them. Pretty cool.
  • Bonus Link: If you haven’t watched Sovereign Hope’s premier of their Easter video series, here it is.