Victory Lap Links: March 23-29th


Here is a comprehensive snap shot of everything meaningful posted on the Google machine this week….

    • This week was a week of grief and celebration in the evangelical world. World Vision, one of the largest Christian charities, came out saying they were going to allow actively homosexual couples to work for them. If you want to get caught up, you can read World Vision’s first statement here, and some good responses from Trevin Wax and Russel Moore. But in a fantastic, and Biblical turn of events, World Vision reversed their decision in a statement here. You can question World Vision’s motives in this, but we shouldn’t, it is win for Biblical authority, and one which should be celebrated by all evangelicals.
    • Kevin DeYoung posted a great follow up blog to the whole ordeal here.
    • In light of the whole World Vision thingy, Calvinist Batman struck again, confirming his second straight appearance on Tweet of the Week:
  • Some 14 year old kid found a way to save the government $400 million dollars by changing their base font.
  • And lastly because there has been a lot of reading in this week’s VLL, here are 37 pictures proving that you should never move to Australia.