Kindle Highlights: How To Stay Christian In Seminary


Thanks to the beauty of modern technology, it is easier than ever to take notes and highlight nuggets of gold in our favorite books. Here are 10 of my favorite Kindle Highlights from “How To Stay Christian in Seminary” by David Mathis and Johnathan Parnell (you can check out my full book review here):

10.  The key to staying Christian in seminary, and in every season and avenue of life, is being one.

9. Whatever the assignment, intentionally seek the growth and warming of your soul. There’s no spiritually neutral gear when handling the Bible.

8. The anchor that can keep our hearts steady amid all the studying is the resolve that Jesus must be tasted and treasured by us and through us.

7. An otherwise impressive theology degree is utterly unimpressive if your soul has shriveled in the course of your study.

6. One last caution: if you’re faithfully “preaching the gospel” to your soul day in and day out but distancing yourself from regular Bible intake, your “freshness” is fading. There’s and expiration date on the fruit of preaching to yourself once it’s off the vine.

5. Staying Christian in seminary is about staying Christian in general.

4. You are about the glory of God. You exist for Jesus Christ to be displayed and delighted in through your life, and don’t you forget it.

3. Even if you say the right words and articulate good doctrine, if you are not somehow unsettled by God’s mystery, somehow overcome by his greatness, it’s probably because you have domesticated him.

2.  Therefore, determine to be known less for your strengths in academic rigor and more for how that rigor helps you grasp what it means that the God-man was crucified to save the world. Embrace your weakness. Bring it all back to grace.

1. The purpose of God’s revelation is not that we stand over it and observe, but that we be drawn in and enjoy him.


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