Stop Dating Like a Zombie

zombie datingYou may be unaware of it, but it is no secret that marriage rates are on a steady decline in our nation. I would give you some links to look at, but all you have to do is type “marriage statistics 2013” into Google, and you will see for yourself the vast qualitative data showing this trend.


When I hear these stats I have to ask myself some questions. Mainly: “What are all our dating people doing?” While marriage rates may be decreasing, our desires to enter into romantic relationships haven’t. In my time in student ministry I have not seen a decrease in those wanting to date. What I have seen is people wanting to date earlier. I saw a T.V. show the other day which showed a couple in high school who had been dating since the second grade!

It could be the success of the popular show, “The Walking Dead,” or the endless amount of zombie based movies Hollywood pumps out, but I think the zombie mentality has invaded our thoughts on dating. Not only are marriage rates down, but unmarried cohabitation rates are at historic highs. Our goals and thoughts on dating are just about as intentional as the zombies we see on television. We just wander aimlessly.

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